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Cultural Research | Conceptual Design

The Little House Behind the Billboard was a visual research project regarding the urban environment in relation to social structures, (visual) culture, history, architecture, and transport. 

It is a case study of Nanjing’s urban space at the Lion Bridge in China. This street is all about food and consumerism, but behind the myriad of billboards is where real people live. At the most extreme we found a little makeshift house on a rooftop. It was facing the back of an enormous billboard, displaying a perfect smile to the streets. To break through the facades, clearing the view of both sides, we designed windows based on traditional Chinese wood works.




The City as a Gallery initiative is a visual arts collaboration between Belfast City Council and PLACE. Through walking tours, exhibitions and workshops the initiative aims to explore how the visual arts could be used to shape and enhance urban spaces. We have been commissioned to install 50 footprints around the city that sign post various artworks, be it street art, Belfast architecture from unexpected angles, or drawing attention to details that often go unnoticed. We wanted to provide an intervention, that's not only about adding art to vacant spaces, but which celebrates the wonderful character that already exists. Our goal is to encourage people to find renewed perspectives of their city; to see the little, see the everyday, see the strange.