Urban Playground is an initiative of urban enthusiasts, passionate about encouraging city dwellers to WAKE UP (TO) their environments.

Shaking up our environment through creative interaction

Our goal is to inspire real people in everyday contexts to foster collaboration and purposeful interactions. Through strategic Design, and Storymaking we use playful approaches to promote social impact. And sometimes just stalk strangers on public transport. Most of all, we want to encourage people to find renewed perspectives of familiar stomping grounds: we need to find ways to see the little, see the everyday, and see the strange.


Graphic Design + StoryMAKING

Shaping integrated brand identities 


Setting the stage for meaningful collaborations with hands-on formats


Urban Insights

Sometimes formal interviews with experts... Mostly peeping on strangers from nearby.


Creating and exploring new ideas and urban futures, also known as daydreaming.

Warning: Playfulness is part of our DNA.

Play with it, steal it, copy it, slate it, confront it… Make it your own.